Physical Therapy

If you have an orthopedic condition that requires physician visits and/or surgery, those steps are often followed by outpatient physical therapy. At the beginning of your treatment, our therapists will work with your physician and you to develop a treatment schedule that reflects the severity and type of your condition, the recommended timetables for surgical recovery (if any), your past medical history and daily activity level, and other factors. Using this structure, our providers will implement a personal program designed to reduce swelling and pain in the affected area(s) and restore functionality, endurance, strength. During this process, our providers will communicate directly with your physician and you to ensure that necessary treatment steps are being taken and any adjustments are being made as needed.

Cedar Valley Physical Therapy’s goal for each of our patients is for him or her to regain the ability to more easily perform everyday tasks, including athletic activities he or she regularly participates in, and return to a level of pre-injury wellness as it relates to the injured area(s). We are committed to helping our patients overcome orthopedic conditions and enjoy the highest quality of life. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get back on the field, court, diamond, and more.

Aquatic Therapy

Water therapy can be a beneficial treatment during the early phases of a sports injury or surgery or a total joint surgery. When early weight-bearing is painful or restricted, a supervised water therapy program can help reduce pain and improve motion as well as speed up the process of returning to playing sports or participating in the normal activities of daily living.

At our Cedar Falls location, we are able to use an easily accessible underwater treadmill that allows us to vary weight-bearing levels and promote walking, running and other functional activities. We are able to monitor progression with underwater camera evaluation of gait and running abnormalities. Aquatic therapy at Cedar Valley Physical Therapy uses the HydroWorx therapy pool at the University of Northern Iowa Wellness and Recreation Center, which features an adjustable floor that provides the ability to engage in run training and gait analysis for safer weight-bearing and balance/endurance activity. To begin your aquatic therapy, contact Cedar Valley Physical Therapy today.

Functional Dry Needling

If you are experiencing pain and the inability to perform basic functions, an acute or chronic neuromuscular condition could be the reason. Functional dry needling is a therapeutic treatment that can relieve pain and increase functional motion for patients and athletes through the stimulation of neuromuscular and motor points via the insertion of fine filament needles into those areas.

This treatment can be used for a variety of conditions, including: rotator cuff injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis and golfer’s elbows, hamstring and groin strains, shin splints, patellar tendonitis, and more. Reduce your pain, increase your functionality, and enjoy your favorite sports—all with functional dry needling. Call Cedar Valley Physical Therapy today for more information.

Isokinetic Testing Services

Cedar Valley Physical Therapy offers unique isokinetic strength testing for athletes. Isokinetic testing is used to assess strength levels of shoulders, knees and trunk and compare that data to the opposite side or to average values for age, gender, weight and height.

  • We offer strength measuring testing, which allows a team or an individual athlete to assess their current strength and monitor and measure gains throughout their weight training program. Isokinetic testing can help identify deficits that can help guide future strength programs.
  • Post-injury isokinetic assessment helps measure the strength level of an injured joint. This can help determine an athlete’s readiness to safely return to sport activity and reduce the possibility of re-injury and another potential surgery.

I.C.E.: Isokinetic Competition Evaluation

  • Cedar Valley Physical Therapy offers this unique program using isokinetic testing and professional advice to help measure strength progress and deficiencies for training athletes to help them reach their competitive maximum. We offer this to teams to assist them with strength training goals and help them achieve the ultimate championship goal together. We also offer this as an individual program for athletes who want to reach their peak potential.

To learn more, contact us today.