Cedar Valley Physical Therapy Sports Rehabilitation

In sports, performance is the key to success, and at Cedar Valley Physical Therapy, our sports rehabilitation program can treat any injury and condition and help you reach your full athletic potential. Our team of specialists are experts at diagnosing and treating orthopedic issues, soft tissue injury. We provide athletic training services for many schools and sports programs in the Cedar Valley, including Cedar Falls, Waterloo East and West, and other area high schools. Through our treatment expertise and our evaluative isokinetic testing, our goal is to return you to your sport or recreational activity as safely and quickly as possible.

We offer four convenient locations, and our UNI Human Performance/Wellness Center location features an underwater treadmill that is designed to help facilitate a more rapid return to activity. Regardless of your sport or condition, Cedar Valley Physical Therapy can help you regain mobility, recover function, restore strength and get back to the activities that matter most to you.

  • ACL Reconstructions
  • Shoulder Injuries and Surgeries
  • Back Strains and Surgeries
  • Muscle Strains and Sprains
  • Ankle Sprains and Surgeries
  • Sports-Related Injuries
  • Isokinetic Strength Testing
  • Return-to-Sports Progression

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Outpatient Orthopedic Rehabilitation

If you have an orthopedic condition that requires physician visits and/or surgery, those steps are often followed by outpatient physical therapy. As part of the treatment process, our rehabilitative specialists will work with your provider and you to create and implement a therapeutic program to help you relieve pain and swelling, more easily accomplish everyday tasks, and return the affected area(s) to its pre-injury level.

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Athletic Training


With many athletic trainers providing coverage to area high schools and local athletic events, Cedar Valley Physical Therapy offers a group of experienced professionals to help our area student-athletes avoid and recover from injuries and perform at their best. We also work with other providers during injury recovery and treatments and can identify strength deficiencies, imbalances and weaknesses in both pre- and post-injury settings.

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Aquatic Therapy


For many patients, undergoing a supervised water therapy program can help them increase motion and advance their recovery time frame so they can begin playing sports or participating in daily activities sooner. Our aquatic therapy treatments feature an underwater treadmill at the University of Northern Iowa Wellness and Recreation Center that’s designed to promote weight-bearing rehabilitation focusing on improving functional movement, such as walking and jogging.

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Isokinetic Testing Services


Through our unique Isokinetic Competition Evaluation (I.C.E.) program, athletes are provided with quantitative information about any strength deficiencies existing in their shoulders, knees, and trunk. Using this information, our providers create comparisons of this data using previous baseline tests the athlete has undertaken as well as average values for the patient’s age, gender, weight and height. This helps athletes maximize strength and potential and avoid returning from injury before they are ready, reducing the possibility of future re-injury.

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